Readiness Institute advances new pathway for learners to achieve community and future readiness

PITTSBURGH — Forty-five high school seniors from 22 Allegheny County high schools, and more than 30 education, industry, and community collaborators, became one team as the Readiness Institute (RI) at Penn State launched its inaugural Summer Program at the Penn State Center Pittsburgh. Several of the students who completed the Summer Program have now been accepted…

Upskilling/reskilling learners to engage in real-world experiences

History was made this week, as we wrapped up our inaugural Summer Program! Our last week of the program focused on soft skills, which are the interpersonal skills — such as communication, emotional intelligence, and problem solving — that help set all of us up for success in any situation.

Be your own boss: Learners see what it takes to become an entrepreneur

Week five of our Summer Program focused on entrepreneurship, and learners explored a wide variety of career and entrepreneurship opportunities and experienced first-hand the importance of diverse networks when expanding their future career and personal pathways.

Partnering to help learners design and lead a purposeful life

On the first day of the Readiness Institute Summer Program, learners were asked to raise their hand if they want to be successful. Not only did every rising high school senior raise their hand, but they did so with confidence and pride, with a fearlessness and sense of purpose. To create an environment that allows learners to thrive and achieve success, we need…

Empowering learners to achieve community and future readiness through digital agency

During the third week of the Readiness Institute Summer Program, learners experienced firsthand how digital media can empower people to act as agents of change and discovered the skills, attitudes, and values needed to make the world a better place.   

Readiness Institute at Penn State joins space leaders to prepare learners for the future

Education, industry, and community partners unveiled a new space initiative designed to build on existing programs and create new experiences for learners to achieve community and future readiness.