Week six and end of summer celebration sends off learners to be leaders in their schools and community

Six weeks of gaining new skills and experiences, learning about the community and themselves, and making lasting friendships were on display as the Readiness Institute Summer Program came to an end this week.

Learners understand what it means to be community and future ready during week five

The penultimate week of the Readiness Institute Summer Program challenged learners to look to the future. They focused on soft skills and how they can use their strengths to get involved in the community, serve as mentors, and join in the fight for mental health care.

Pennsylvania announces new poster contest to encourage students to “Reach for the Moon” through STEAM Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is joining forces with the Moonshot Museum, Astrobotic, and the Readiness Institute at Penn State to invite Pennsylvania students in grades 3-12 to participate in a statewide poster contest celebrating America’s return to the moon this year, an achievement powered by Pennsylvanians.

Experiencing technology in action during week three of Summer Program

This week learners at the Readiness Institute Summer Program discovered that people from all backgrounds, careers, and personalities are needed to make the world go round — and to go to the moon. Learners focused on the theme “Future Career Pathways” while taking tests to explore their behaviors, asking questions about tech and space careers, ranking elements of job satisfaction, and visiting some engaging sites around Pittsburgh.  

Learners explore new pathways in second week of Summer Program

From making change in the community to making cars in the classroom, learners explored new pathways during cycle two of the Readiness Institute Summer Program, which featured a theme of “Digital Fluency” and focused on how to gather information, communicate ideas, and make choices (and positive change) in a digital and connected world.

A second summer of connections and community for high school seniors at the Readiness Institute

The summer program is in its second year and offers rising high school seniors an opportunity to identify and create their own pathways for the future. They’ll hear from local and national leaders, engage in relevant discussions, and explore the city — and get paid while doing it.