Catching up with Summer Program alum Corin Erickson (Rockey)

As many of the learners from our Readiness Institute Summer Program know, our connection doesn’t just end after the summer. We continue to stay in touch with learners when they go back for their senior year, after they graduate high school, and beyond. We’ve been checking in with some of the young adults who were a part of program and have now graduated high school and are on to their next steps of adulthood. 

Corin posing in front of stepsCorin Erickson (Rockey)

Where are you now?

I am currently a Navy Nuke in the United States military. I’m stationed in Charleston, South Carolina, and currently in schooling, which is about 2 years total. I’m halfway completed with my program.

What do you enjoy most about where you are now?

The challenge. This school and the military have challenged me in an unexpected way and helped me rapidly grow into a stronger and smarter person.

How has your life changed since the Readiness Institute? 

It has changed drastically. I’ve moved from Pittsburgh (a place I’ve lived my whole live) to South Carolina. My lifestyle has also changed significantly from when I was in high school. I’ve also matured and become a more social and capable person.

How did the Readiness Institute help you prepare for where you are now?

It showed me opportunities that are out there. I remember I really enjoyed the field trips that the Readiness Institute planned and being able to see different companies and what jobs people do. Also, it gave me friends that I still talk to today. I appreciated the community at Readiness Institute.

What advice or message do you have for your fellow Readiness Institute alums? 

Don’t settle for the opportunities you know. Over the last two years I’ve learned about so many opportunities, possibilities, and different life paths. Some that may have changed the trajectory of life. So I urge you to talk to different people and do research into what’s out there in the world because you might be excited and surprised by what you find.

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