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Program Overview

Designing and Leading a Purposeful Life

The Readiness Institute Summer Program gives learners the opportunity to upskill/reskill cognitive ability and competencies, develop greater social-emotional intelligence, and improve modern literacies that raise digital, cultural, and financial awareness. Participants will gain an improved sense of self and be better able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who do I want to become?
  3. How do I get there?
  4. How will I continue to learn?
  5. How will I give back to my community?

Real-Life, Learner Centered

Learners will work both independently and collaboratively, under the supervision of mentors, in a variety of dynamic educational atmospheres. The Readiness Institute Summer Program offers stimulating and creative learning experiences that provide students with unique opportunities to:

  • explore future career pathways
  • establish habits and best practices to challenge intolerance
  • develop positive financial-management habits
  • build soft skills of communication and collaboration
  • think about growth and development as individuals and citizens
  • receive ongoing guidance, care, and inspiration from mentors
  • match aspirations to opportunities through personalized coaching
  • enhance digital literacy to thrive in a technology-driven world
  • cultivate a sense of service and capacity for stewardship and leadership

Important Dates for 2022 Summer Program 

  • January 31
    Application opens 
  • April 1
    Application closes
  • April 4–April 8 
    Application selection process
  • April 11
    Registration opens for accepted applicants 
  • May 13
    Registration closes for accepted applicants
  • June 27–August 4
    Readiness Institute Summer Program

Program Details

When: June 27–August 4 (Monday–Thursday, 9:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m.)

Where: Participants will take part in a mix of onsite, offsite, and virtual programs.

  • Onsite programming will be held at the Readiness Institute.
  • Offsite programming will take place at a variety of education, community, and industry institutions.
  • Virtual programming will be presented over Zoom.

A maximum of 45 participants will be admitted to the program, and each will receive a stipend of $2,000 and a laptop to use while enrolled in the program. Transportation will be provided as needed. Students attending high school in Allegheny County have priority within the admissions process. 

2021 Summer Program Team

  • Dr. Justin Aglio, Program Manager and Readiness Institute at Penn State Senior Director 
  • Emma Hance, Program Manager
  • Lloyd Cleveland, Program Assistant 
  • Mary Ann Farrell, Business Operations Manager
  • Dr. Nena Hisle, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Scott Orelli, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Fred Quinn, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Morgan Harouse, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Ashley Zehner, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Dr. John McCarthy, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Tamara Johnson, Summer Program Instructor
  • Brittany Harouse, Summer Program Instructor 
  • Maggie Manning, Summer Program Instructor

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