Catching up with Summer Program alum Aniya Givner

As many of the learners from our Readiness Institute Summer Program know, our connection doesn’t just end after the summer. We continue to stay in touch with learners when they go back for their senior year, after they graduate high school, and beyond. We recently checked in with some of the young adults who were a part of the inaugural cohort of the Summer Program in 2021. They have now graduated high school and are on to their next steps of adulthood. This series will feature several of our Readiness Institute Summer Program alums to see where they are now, hear about their favorite memories of the summer experience, and collect any words of advice for their fellow alums!

Aniya Givner

Aniya G selfiWhere are you now?

I am currently working as a cosmetologist/hairstylist. I received my cosmetology license through the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ cosmetology program, and I have been using that to get more clients and get better doing hair.

What do you enjoy most about where you are now?

I like the fact that I now have control over my time and my money. Being an adult is teaching me more about being responsible and how to properly have control over my life.

How has your life changed since the Readiness Institute? 

Since the Readiness Institute, I am more focused, and I am more in-tune with myself. I am learning so much about myself every day, and since leaving the Readiness Institute, I feel that with knowing who I am and staying focused, I can accomplish anything that I want.

What is your favorite memory of the Readiness Institute?

My favorite memory of the Readiness Institute is the caring staff that truly want to make a difference and impact on young people’s lives. I had some of the best instructors who always checked on me and made sure that I was not only learning but having a fun time as well.

What’s one thing on your bucket list, personally or professionally, that you would like to check off in the next five years?

I WILL have my own hair salon in the next five years! I am working now to save money to make this a reality. I would love to come back one day to the Readiness Institute to talk to the learners about my career and how I was once in the same seat as them!

What advice or message do you have for your fellow Readiness Institute alums? 

Be sure to ask questions! Do not be afraid to speak up, someone may have the same thought as you. Do not judge a book by its cover. Most importantly, be kind to everyone.

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