Goals and Successes

At the Readiness Institute we are partnering with educators, industry leaders, and community leaders to build year-round experiential activities that prepare learners for future careers and civic contribution. We strive to:

  1. Educate the whole person so learners have opportunities to explore their understanding of themselves through social and emotional development.
  2. Recruit and empower diverse educators to teach in diverse settings, trusting them to discover the most effective ways to help learners succeed.
  3. Create complementary expertise and learning to address the skewed and arbitrary relationship between education, industry, and the larger community. The goal is to become nimbler and more collaborative to establish a more complete learning and career pathway for the region’s young adults.
  4. Partner with employers to protect the dignity of workers and reformulate the employer-employee relationship in ways that celebrate human ingenuity while addressing new forces facing the global economy.
  5. Redefine the role of the learner in a way that prioritizes rigor and relevance through project-based and real-world experiences.
  6. Design community-based learning so the valued jobs of the future are available and attainable, empowering Pittsburghers to carve out their own pathways to career success.
  7. Reimagine civic education and participation by rebuilding faith in our shared humanity and plotting the course for a more prosperous and harmonious collective future.

How We Define Success

  • The education, industry, and community sectors should work together to produce a more relevant and innovative workforce.
  • Project-based experiences and a personalized approach to learning and career pursuits should be unified in secondary school curricula in districts throughout the region.
  • Data, research, lived experiences, and community voices should be included and validated.
  • Multiple learning and career pathways to post-high school life should be identified and supported for all students.