Framing Difficult Issues for K–12 Classroom Discussion and Cultivating an Asset-Based Lens

When: March 22, 2024, 8:30 am – 11:30 am
Where: Franco Harris Pittsburgh Center at Penn State, 1435 Bedford Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

This research-based professional learning session will help Pittsburgh-area K–12 teachers navigate difficult issues in their classrooms and schools. Penn State pedagogical experts will guide participants as they develop a deeper understanding of asset-based framing. Participating educators will then learn and practice an instructional tool for facilitating classroom discussion of a difficult issue. 

Participants will get a glimpse into the Initiative’s professional learning sessions and yearlong program. They will work with strategies, protocols, and discussion norms. Participants will use an instructional tool for discussion to explore how to frame a difficult issue within a classroom, considering multiple perspectives. The session will conclude with time for participants to reflect and consider how asset-based framing and/or the discussion instructional tool can be implemented in their classroom in collaboration with Initiative team members. 

The Initiative asks participating educators to arrive with ideas of difficult issues present in their lesson plans or discussions. 

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This event is brought to you through a partnership between the Readiness Institute, the Penn State Hammel Family Human Rights Initiative, and the Penn State Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Education Initiative.